haiku3.jpgthe art of skin care

plucked from nature consciously

self-care rituals create


  -Clarissa J:Haiku Organics Creator


We’re currently launching our product line and look forward to having it available to you in Fall 2013.


Inspired by artisan techniques our products are handcrafted in small batches.  Haiku Organics is made with the highest quality natural, organic, and fair-trade ingredients possible.  We have formulated a product line that is highly influenced by rituals from east-west capable of inspiring balance.   We believe that balance and natural ingredients give your skin the greatest potential at renewal and rejuvenation. Simply by using organic flowers, fruits, herbs and cold-pressed oils we have created effective healing rituals.  Our signature treatments envelop the senses and aim to restore balance in mind and body. We encourage you to adopt these rituals for yourself, daily.


At Haiku Organics we focus on sustainability and maintaining a low carbon footprint. We source from local farmers and suppliers.  Haiku Organics is packed with pride using glass or tin containers.  At Haiku Organics we encourage you to recycle or reuse and each product label kindly suggests the same.  Produced locally in Portland Oregon our labels, product information and brochures are printed on recycled materials when available.


No Fillers:No Parabens:No Artificial Fragrances:No Dyes:No Artificial Preservatives:Cruelty-Free:Eco-friendly:Pure:Natural:Organic and Fair-trade

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